A flat in 7 square meters

You imagine living in an apartment that measures just 7 square meters? As is the fate that has Tyler, A young New York architect who pays $ 700 monthly rent for a studio without a bathroom or kitchen, measuring just 7 square meters.

Even with the adjustments have been made and its minimum securities, sTyler i want to sit and read, you must make with your feet up, leaning against the wall.

To lead a standard life and functional Tyler has had to put a bed of amazing features: Day is like a sofa cushion with a large wooden back. At night, remove the pads, brings down the back and has a bed in the right space. At the base of the sofa, no hidden drawers for storage.

Tyler aligns your desk to the couch, and placed next to a refrigerator. Ensure that your fortune is vegetarian, so it does not have to cook. Share bathroom with three other tenants in apartments with the same size as yours.

Why support such a sacrifice? The places you must go near you.