Arclinea minimalist modern kitchen

The Italian company interior design, Arclinea offers us go this time, a marvelous plan kitchen minimalist modern , showing how to maximize space and how to transform a room into something entirely different in a few seconds.

With the assumption that space is essential and is the first order, this model teaches us a modern kitchen, straight, where both appliances and storage cabinets are made ​​based on stainless steel, but the difference is that the same are hidden by sliding wooden doors that allow in a few seconds to transform the place.

The idea is carried out for families to events or parties need to maximize space in the home and therefore seek solutions of this kind, enabling “hide” the kitchen for hours, can build a parallel parlor, with the same good taste and distinction than any other, because its wooden base, gives a very high level.

Ultimately, the sliding doors can be removed and stored in the attic just for those occasions, leaving the kitchen free the rest of the year, which also offers a handy storage system with sliding shelf and plenty of table, for cooking . You can see other designs kitchens Arclinea .