Autumn colors in home decor

It is true about what is being said that the changes you think of home, are directly related to the season in which they think. Thus, each season offers a string of possibilities according to whether it is summer, autumn, winter or spring. For this opportunity we will see the colors Fall in decoration home.

Dark colors and heavy

They are probably one of the most sought after during the season when the leaves fall and transform their strong green, in rich reds, dikes, reddish brown, scarlet and purple shades among many others. But oranges and wood colors emerge, for a segment softer and less intense, but just as welcoming and warm.


There is an old classic that something has the status of this and therefore will never be able to supplant them in their entirety. That is why neutral browns, beige cream, soft yellows and greens that are losing strength, are colors, which can be tilted those seeking the safe option and can never be wrong.

Natural colors

Not necessarily choose colors for home decorating in the fall, it must mean that will be used to paint walls, Or to choose a sofa, or build a cushion. Some people like to make a natural decor and what we intend to give the interior of our home, with decorations such as flowers, plants, leaves and other items, which will change on their own color and so, transforming the environment in every room. Even the wood can be painted in several years with completely different colors.

Colors of Life

As we reviewed the brown and green are primary colors of autumn. The yellow and blue, you could say that mark the first part, whereas when we approach the winter, they lose strength. These four colors represent the land, forest, sky, sea and sun, all the elements of life that transmit power to the people, just being in its fullness. Having them as the colors of header at home, help you deliver good vibes to those who live there.

As a final message, it is important to understand that nature always provides the best combinations which are then moved into the home and fit them in a good way to any home, no matter what your style, so take a walk in the park with closer and take a look that can bring color to your decor.