Bedding for 2012 | ideas

The winter holidays are a source base for activities in the rest of the year we are unable, for lack of time or money. Thinking of giving a makeover to the bedroom, can be a very simple idea, if we face it, by the side of the clothing bed. Here are some Ideas to renovate the space 2012, Just buy a beautiful new blanket.

The cover design works a modality that has become very common lately, including a blanket based on floral prints, followed by a top sheet (for the coldest days) in a solid color. Then the cushions and pillows, are some in that color, others in white and with the flower print. It’s a very romantic, ideal for a drastic change in the bedroom.

If you want something more classic, dark wood bed, it is well with white linen, covered with a blanket in a soft tone cushions oil in the same tone.

One idea is cheerful quilts, which combine many colorful prints, flowers, leaves and things related to warmer weather. Thus we look to the place more inviting, as well as more familiar.

The style mosaic forcefully entered the home and not for anything he has earned the sympathy of many. They are fun, colorful, fresh and match with almost anything.

Finally simplest models, in two colors, can be found, forming geometric shapes, simple, discreet and probably much cheaper. To save, this is the best option.