Update your bathroom with little expense

We will not tire of suggesting ideas to renew and give new life to the bathroom. We think one of the spaces takes little house , and the truth is that there should be an environment that, regardless of size, should be a center of relaxation and comfort. Here are someideas to make life more […]

How to keep your bathroom clean with a minute a day

The toilet is neglected by environment decorating courses. Is a space that is seen as purely functional, and where they occur unwelcome trances mentioned. Not to mention the effort involved in cleaning … The good news is you can keep your bathroom clean … investing just 60 seconds a day. Here’s how. 1. Do something […]

Treesse minimalist showers

It’s probably one of the designs of home utility items, which has more rage this season and it is well earned. Its features minimalist design give a broadly appealing, interesting and distinguished, and it offers an experience hard to match bathroom with a shower together. Consider these new showers Treesse minimalist. Called Plie (French Plié […]