How Outdoor Living Has Changed: Your Essential Guide to Backyard Renovations

In decades gone, Australians craved a home among the gum trees. Today, the average backyard is smaller but no less essential. This guide will run you through everything you need to know before investing your hard-earned money into creating the perfect outdoor living space. Backyards and outdoor living are important parts of Australian culture. They […]

Pennisetum Purple Beach (Mayesty?)

Just discovered in the garden center: A Lamp Fountain Grass, with Pennisetum “Purple Beach” labeled, but it found nothing so far. What is closest ran pictures online is the variety Pennisetum ‘Purple Mayesty “. New varieties have been mislabeled or that is the question. Striking appearance, this plant with dark purple leaves, which stem from […]

Some tips for improving your garden for summer

With the summer just around the corner, there are a number of preparations we should all make to ensure we get the best use of our outdoor space. Making sure the garden is right, will be a priority task especially if you like spending time out in the sun shine or you want guests round […]

The Eight Simple to Follow Steps for a New Garden

Creating a garden at home is refreshing and made us feel relaxed and calm. To those who wanted to have their own nice garden at home, listed below are 8 of the simple to follow step for your new garden.First Step – Putting a markerIn order for your garden to be at its best, put […]

Save Money from Your Garden

Many of us are not aware that we are already spending huge amount of money for our beautiful gardens. However, if we are sum up our expenses related to our garden we might be shocked of how much we have spent already. Therefore, to help you get started in saving money from your garden, a […]

First Step To Designing Your Special Garden

Many of us want a beautiful garden to relax in and to show off to our neighbors or anyone who happens to pass by our house. When we get this great idea to landscape our yard we get the itch to start before our time – but before we start digging into the soil we […]