Autumn colors in home decor

It is true about what is being said that the changes you think of home, are directly related to the season in which they think. Thus, each season offers a string of possibilities according to whether it is summer, autumn, winter or spring. For this opportunity we will see the colors Fall in decoration home. […]

Bedding for 2012 | ideas

The winter holidays are a source base for activities in the rest of the year we are unable, for lack of time or money. Thinking of giving a makeover to the bedroom, can be a very simple idea, if we face it, by the side of the clothing bed. Here are some Ideas to renovate […]

Decorating in Orange

Orange has a special aura: warm, surprising, friendly, homey, fun … It is one of the colors that earns its rightful place: exhale such a light that is not always easy to combine, without it is a pity that this difficulty com is not used most often mentioned. Here are some ideas for using the […]

Musical Lamp for Home Office

If condition is one of the corners of the house to become an office both functional and welcoming, here’s an item you can not miss: a original lamp. Its novelty is that not only give you the light you need for the day: in addition lets you hear all the music on your iPod. Desk […]