Choosing an awning or canopy

When looking to smarten up your home, or perhaps add protection from the elements then an awning/canopy is the right way to go. Deciding which one is right for you is down to personal choice, preference and of course budget, but hopefully this article will cover some tips and advice as to how you can get the best deal and awning/canopy for your money.

Firstly you need to decide upon a budget. To establish a budget it’s wise to work out what you want and why. Decide what necessities you awning/canopy must have, and what luxuries it would be nice your awning or canopy to feature. For example is high UV protection essential to your selection? Is the fabric or material used more of a luxury or necessity? Getting all of your ideas, thought and essentials drawn up at an early stage will help you establish a budget.

One you have established a budget it is wise to next consider use. By use I mean what do you want to use your awning or canopy for? For example, will it be for protection from the sun and other elements or will it be mainly for decorative purposes. Deciding what use your awnings will have will not only help you find what you want in half the time.

Now we have covered use I feel it’s wise and essential to find out and consider what materials are being used to make the canopy or awning you are interested in. For example, is the awning you are interested in made out of aluminium? Or perhaps you want your awning to be made out of specific materials, such as copper? Finding out how your awning is manufactured and what materials will be used to make up your awning will help you make an informed decision, it will also help you see if you want to spend the extra bit of money to get exactly what you want, or if you are happy to settle for less.

Now we have covered the basics lets just quickly cover price, guarantees and warranties. Prices of canopies and awnings will vary depending on what you want, however, you will find that prices of awnings for campers are very competitive and realistic, especially for standard models. Like with anything, depending on brand and specification you can expect to pay more for customised awnings made specifically to your requirements.

Price is of course essential to the buying process and decision, but so are warranties and guarantees. Although these two areas may not be at the top of your list of priorities when buying an awning or canopy, its still important you get the best warranty or guarantee for your money, as in a few months time if something goes wrong with your awning you don’t want to be left with an expensive repair bill, simply because the area of repair was not covered under your warranty. So when looking to buy a canopy or an awning, take your time and research your options and choices to ensure you get the right product.