Choosing right and automatic washing machine for your home

Clothes washer is very much useful in today’s life. It is a good appliance which helps to cut the energy consumption of the families. It also saves time which is very much important. It also saves water and works much better than the hand washing. By purchasing a clothes washer of a branded company it is worthy to have it in house.
A good washing machine from Haier with model number Haier-HWB1270 has a couple of good features. It can wash 7 kg of load at a time. This washing machine is fully automatic and so no need to keep in watch until the washing is over. The washing machine is controlled by electro mechanical technique. The dirty clothes are to be loaded in front as this washing machine has front loading type. This washing machine is equipped with 11 numbers of preset programmes. This washing machine is capable of five types of wash. This appliance can perform hot water wash, heavy wash, normal wash, quick wash also. This washing machine also performs delicate wash. There is only one wash basket. Number of spin basket is also one. The basket is made of stainless steel. This washing machine is designed with two types of dispenser. There are bleach dispenser and detergent dispenser. The spinning speed of this mode is 1200 RPM. The working temperature of the machine is that it will perform at 40 degree in minimum temperature and in maximum the temperature is up to 80 degree. One of the important features of this washing machine is that it has automatic water level controller. That this it can senses the level of water. Regarding the power requirement it uses 220 voltages. There are some extra features which are available in this model. First one is that it has dry tap protection. Second one is that it has automatic drainage system. it also has child lock facility and more than that it has lint filter. The dimension of this washing machine is that it is 595mm in width, 585 mm in depth and 860 mm in height. It gives warranty period of about 2 years. The exterior of the washing machine is coated with powder.
But while using any company’s washing machine every one should be careful about the quality of color of the clothes. It is found that many people have bad experience while washing clothes of different color. They experienced the mixture of color in every cloth while opening the door after washing. Every one should be careful to wash clothes. There are some dyes which are used in clothes bleed when they are washed. So such clothes must be separated from those which are having good dyes.
Another thing is important while using washing machine. If you are using washing machine of one company and after a couple of years you exchanged it with new one do not apply the same technique to the new one as it was applied with the previous one. This is because every washing machine is slightly different from each other.