Decals. Want to change your decor in a new and cheap? Decals  of wall decals mirrors or furniture.
Colorful and fancy your decor for little money thanks to the decals.

What are the decals?

  • The decals adhesives are a different size and shape. You can put a smooth finish on surfaces such as walls, metals, wood, tile, plastic or glass. The placement is quick and easy and manage to transform any space in your home.
  • Thanks to the technology achieved a decorarivos vinyl high quality and design with colorful surprising. Are from mini decals to large vinyl to decorate rooms, shops, restaurants and large rooms.
  • In the kitchen if you have a smooth tile and will not change by force, the decals are your solution. In your room if you want to give life to a wall with a beautiful drawing in the kids room.
  • Changing rooms and dining rooms as overnight with a decoration stickers, Stairs or walkways to gain prominence decals.
  • Do you have a favorite spot? Personalize your space with a decorative vinyl you like animals, plants, a funny border or phrase. Suddenly this place and will not go unnoticed.
  • Rooms youth fall in love, your children they can not even resist the impact of a decoration stickers. Urban vinyl, fun, retro, vinyl typographical or romantic.Advantages of decals: from boring to spectacular
  • Speed, range and price. They are easy to install, you have many options and also not expensive. If you want a special design there are many companies that design custom vinyl. Everything you can imagine in designs and colors you have in decals.
  • Headboards original? Here they areIn decorative vinyl.
  • No need to repaint, or do you renew the decoration works. Tiles, furniture, doors, walls, windows, windows. The possibilities are many.
  • Decals Mirror, mirror give your bathroom a sophisticated and unique look.
  • Got something you want to cover the wall, perhaps a broken wall tile or a spot that you could not remove? You can not imagine what you can do with decals. A boring wall into a wall attractive, elegant or fun.
  • Your walls are white and you’re bored? The white is bright and enlarged spaces but can be monotonous. The decals can change your living room or bedroom, boring to spectacular.
  • Vinyl nature: trees, flowers, butterflies
  • Vinyl children. Pirates, princesses scenes, flowers, colored bubbles, airplanes, a circus.
  • Vinyl glamorous, abstract, imitating animal skins.
  • Fantasy, color, decorate your baby’s bedroom fun with a tree, animals or balloons. As you see in the picture below the wall has a very pale green, but the vinyl colors giving different color contrasts and vitality to the wall.