Decorating in Orange

Orange has a special aura: warm, surprising, friendly, homey, fun … It is one of the colors that earns its rightful place: exhale such a light that is not always easy to combine, without it is a pity that this difficulty com is not used most often mentioned. Here are some ideas for using the orange around your environments, and achieve their potential.

In tapierias: One way of incorporating decoration orange upholstery is to bring, where shines, as in the dining room of the photo: retro-style chairs give the note of joy in a soup kitchen classic style. The flowers on the table, and the flowerpots in pale tints of orange, create the perfect balance.

In the bedding: As a shelter for ma in the cold of winter and give the room a touch of autumn joy, leave the orange bedding and pillows, creating areas of vibrant colors for a abrigrado rest and serene delight. Ideally, go with a bed of traditional lines. The darker the color and more conservative design of the headboard, the better.

In the cushions: To bring the orange room, nothing like the cushions. In orange, these allowances shall become a happy accent that adds life and vibrancy to the more sober tapestries. If you want to balance a conventional furniture or revitalize a hall, this is the best alternative.