Different types of conference

The definition of a conference is when two or more people to ‘confer’ about one or more topics. These can take make many different forms and thus there are a many reasons why business would want to invest in conference chairs.

This article looks at the main reasons why a company would host a conference.

Business conference

A business conference is usually formed of employees of either one industry or from an individual company in order to discuss matters from their organisation. Subjects discussed often include company or industry performance and hopes or plans for the future.

Academic conference

An academic conference is an environment where researchers discuss their latest findings to a crowd of other key figures within their industry. These provide an important channel of new information to professionals within a variety of industries.

Press conference

A group interview usually between one or two individuals and several members of the press. This involves journalists taking it in turns to ask questions to the individual who responds via a microphone and usually follows a large piece of news that the press want more information about.

Settlement conference

A legal meeting between plaintiff and defendant arranged prior to a court case with the aim of the pair settling their differences out of court. It can be initiated by either party and usually involves a financial settlement offer.

Video conference

With the development of new technology, video conferencing is becoming an increasingly popular method of communication as it’s often the most cost-effective and convenient methods of delivering messages to a wide range of people.

In all of these conferences, it is important to have quality seating so that the audience can take in as much information as easily as possible. Those hosting the conferences would be advised to invest in high quality conference chairs for this reason.