Does the size of a picture?

The pictures are a very handy decorative and often very cheap. Decorating a room with them does not seem complicated. The biggest disadvantage is we can present not suitable for matching the size of table depending on where we want to hang.

Deciding if a picture is big or small for the room we decorate? This decision is determined by various factors, the wall size in which will be hung, the place we have booked into the wall for him, effect we seek your presence and especially amount of decorative elements that we have placed in the room.

Hang in a room a large table can break the harmony the same and if you already have many decorative elements in it, you can reload the environment in excess. The pictures Large are recommended for very large rooms and a decorative style uncluttered.

If yours is not just decoration, choose to be discreet. When hanging a table in your living room or bedroom, consider the dimensions of the sofa or bed on which you’ll place. Always look located in the center headboard or sofa, thus not break the symmetry of the room and the effect will be more pleasing to the eye.

Conversely, if you intend to break with traditional aesthetics and put aside, ensures that its size does not exceed that of occasional furniture you have in the bedroom (night table …)

However, if you like what you are big pictures You can hang a large wall and clear (Undecorated) and seeks to be the real protagonists of the room, ie there are no other large furniture.

Remember to choose the correct size of a box you should think about how much space you have, in effect you get with your new purchase and all that will surround it.