Green Waste and How to Get Rid of It

Having a green thumb means you’re probably proud of your Rockingham garden. Nonetheless, keeping a garden is a very time-consuming task. Plants need to be pruned and trimmed, dead leaves removed, grass mowed, and flower beds weeded every season. Additionally, you need to factor in green waste removal – and the best method is with skip bins in Rockingham.

While small amounts of garden waste can be disposed of easily in standard garbage bins or recycling bins for green waste, large volumes of green waste removal can be a challenge. Particularly during seasonal clean-ups and landscaping projects, you will accumulate a great deal of garden waste.

The good news is that there are some great options for green waste removal of large amounts of debris. WA Skips provides professional delivery and collection of skip bins in Rockingham to help assist you with your green waste disposal. Our skip bins in Rockingham come in a wide range of skip bin sizes suitable for small garden tidy ups through to large scale excavation and landscaping projects.

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How to Dispose of Green Waste in Rockingham

You have two primary options for removing green waste from your home. As a first step, you can use the council-provided green trash bin to dispose of your waste. However, this service can only be used for small amounts of green waste. Waste removal professionals such as WA Skips can handle medium to large amounts of waste. 

Besides providing you with a cost-effective and simple way to dispose of your green waste, skip bins in Rockingham offer a range of other benefits including:

It is better for the environment: The decomposition of green waste in landfills produces harmful greenhouse gases, including methane. These gases result in global warming.

WA Skips will recycle your green waste: Biodegradable green waste can be completely recycled. The compost created from recycling green waste is an excellent soil fertiliser. WA Skips always ensures that as much skip bin waste as possible is recycled.

Skips are a cheaper way to get rid of green waste: You may not realise that disposing of green waste in landfills has several associated costs. Besides landfill levies and licenses, there is also the cost of collecting and transporting green waste. This amounts to quite a substantial amount. If you hire a professional waste removal company to dispose of your green waste, you can dramatically reduce your waste disposal costs.

If you need a skip bin hire for your next garden project, get in touch with the disposal experts at WA Skips today on (08) 6377 9660. Not in Rockingham? We have skip bin services including a large range of skip bin sizes all throughout the Perth metro area including Mandurah, Joondalup and Armadale.