Home theatre- SONY DAV-DZ510

The most important feature of a home theatre is the surround sound. Generally to get good effect of surround sound the developers are using two or three speakers in front and two or three in to sides or there may be two or three right behind. There are many channels for the signal of audio. This enhances the best mixing of sounds that are coming from the different speakers. The speakers that are placed behind gives the effect of different background sounds variation. They can also function as front speaker. But the best sounds and clear sound emerges from front speakers. So speaker’s specifications are very much important to understand fro a good home theatre.
The home theatre from SONY with model number DAV-DZ510 is a versatile home theatre. The power output of the model in front is 167W x 2 (RMS), center is 167W (RMS), surround is 167W x 2, sub woofer is 165W (RMS).
In the amplifier section it has S- Master. Audio, Input in front and mini is 1. The video signal out is 1080p. It has USB. The dimension of Mic input jack is 3.5 mm. The home theatre has D. C. A. C. auto calibration. It is equipped with night mode both normal and plus. It has portable audio enhancer. It has Dolby pro logic II. It also has multi stereo link. This home theatre is equipped with speaker formation, timer for replay. It is also equipped with Bravia sync and also dimmer. This home theatre has power save mode. The option for karaoke PON but it is only applicable in DVD function. The multiplex of this home theatre has only DVD function and the Key Control has only DVD function. Next the home theatre has DIVx, MPEG decoding format for video playback. The decoding format for sound play back is MP3, WMA, AAC, JPEG. It has MP3 encoding format for sound. It has repeat play mode, resume play mode also. The recording source is CD. The recording speed of CD is 2.5 X. For tuner it has FM band. It also has External FM and AM antenna having 75 ohm. Tuning range is from 87.5 MHz to 108.0 Mhz.
This home theatre has DVD-R/+R/+R DL/+RW/-RW/-RW(VR) for Playback but it is found that there are some discs that can not be played back. It has also the option for CD-R / CD – RW playback. It has Div X playback and also MPEG4 simple profile playback. It is also equipped with JPEG and MP3 playback. There are 10 discs for multi disc resume both in DVD and VCD in this home theatre.
The dimension of the main unit has 430 x 66x 385 mm. the weight of the main unit is 4.4 kg approximate.
For speaker the specifications of this home theatre are as follows. The front speaker type is micro sat, the front speaker woofer unit is 6.5 cm. the center speaker woofer unit is also 6.5 cm. the surround speaker type is micro sat and the woofer unit is 6.5 cm. the sub woofer speaker unit is 18 cm.