How to create a playroom

Nor need a separate place so that your children have a playground: You can create in your own room or lounge. All you need are some key organizational and style. Here we leave some tips (worthy of a interior design course) So that your kids have a game room and study

Create zones.All you need to start is to define, within an environment, areas of the playroom. One for the game, and one for the study. All you need to delimit it are the furniture: The toy, the cottage and the like in an area, the chair, the desktop and release the other.

Use the walls.In the study area covers the walls with useful objects and reasons slates, sheets of paper paint, Posters, maps … Create an environment where imagination and creativity have triggers.

Reading space. To split the playground of the study area, place a small sofa between the two, so that whether you play as if it studying, reading a part of both.

Curtains.Another way to create a world for the imagination and the game is to separate the play area of ​​study with a curtain: give away privacy to children, and allow that while some studying, others play without interfering with each other. Besides that with this addition and create the possibility of film and theater games. Choose heavy fabrics, colorful, and hang suspended from the rail roof.