How to Get your Boat Driving License in Perth?

maylands skippers license for boating

Everybody has that one escape or go-to activity that heals them. Some people go for a swim, and others hike. For some people, that escape is boating. They need to boat to rejuvenate themselves.
Boating is such a cool outdoor activity, do it safely by getting a recreational skippers ticket first. Perth is heaven for boating enthusiasts. Now, if you are in Maylands, WA, you are in for a treat. As you can enjoy boating in the pure blue ocean, get your Maylands Skippers License today at Sea Safe Boat School.

Boating is Vital!

Boating is quite beneficial for mental health. It helps a lot in stress, depression, and anxiety. Seeing and listening to water can trigger a rush of vital neurochemicals in the human brain. It boosts blood flow towards the brain and brings a soothing feeling. Moreover, bring your family and friends to enjoy together in the ocean. Get your mates for a fishing weekend in the middle of the ocean. What could be better than that!
However, all of this will only be possible if you have gone through the necessary training and have a skippers license from a credible Maylands Boat School, which is also an authorized provider.

How to get a Recreational Skippers Ticket

Are you excited to cherish boating rides in Perth? Well, do you have a recreational skippers ticket or a Mayland skippers license? These are mandatory if you want to go on boating in Perth. Do not worry, as Sea Safe Boat School has got you covered. You can easily get a recreational skippers license (RST) in Perth or a Maylands skippers license with the help of Sea Safe Boat School.

First, you need to pick a credible and authorized RST provider in Perth. This entity will provide you with the relevant boat training and will take assessments. You will receive RST guide workbooks and guides. RST providing entity will charge you a bit. They will provide you with an assessment, and you can opt for optional training.
Once you have passed the assessment, the authorized RST provider will give you an interim certification, and they will send your RST information to the Department of Transport in Perth. As clearance from the department, you will receive your RST that is valid for a lifetime.

Now, let us talk about the prerequisites for RST assessment. Your RST issuing entity will ask you for:

Proof of Identification: It can be your Australian ID, driver license, or Australian passport.
Eye Test: Minimum requirement is a corrected vision standard of 6/12, at least one eye.
Medical Fitness Declaration: This is a self-provided declaration. You have to inform the RST issuing entity about any condition that can hinder your control over the vessel. These conditions include:

• Cardiac Ailments
• Epilepsy
• Hypertension
• Type 1 Diabetes

Be honest in these prerequisites. Remember, any misinformation can put your and others’ lives at stake. Make sure you complete all the requirements and training.

Looking for a Trusted RST provider! Opt for Sea Safe Boat School

A massive chunk of boat enthusiasts has recommended Sea Safe Boat School, one of the best Maylands Boat School. Their training, procedures, and assessments are legit. Moreover, their staff is very facilitating and qualified. If you want to boat in Perth, Sea Safe Boat School is the right place to get your recreational skippers ticket.

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