How to keep your bathroom clean with a minute a day

The toilet is neglected by environment decorating courses. Is a space that is seen as purely functional, and where they occur unwelcome trances mentioned. Not to mention the effort involved in cleaning …

The good news is you can keep your bathroom clean … investing just 60 seconds a day.

Here’s how.

1. Do something while you clean the teeth. At that point, you have a free hand, and you valuable time in which you can do many things, from picking objects in a mental disorder until surfaces need to write a review.

2. Make cleaning easy. This is not to have many cleaning products, but always have at hand two essential items: clean, dry cloths, and vinegar. Clean with damp cloth every other remaining after each use of the bathroom and used vinegar to prevent the accumulation of organic debris shower.

3. Avoid dust accumulation. Do not let the objects accumulate dust bath. Shake on a daily basis, because otherwise, the touch of moisture shall be determined and will be more difficult to remove.

4. When you use the bathroom, use your hands. While in the shower, use your hands: sort, clean, dry, remove … That way your thoughts will be elsewhere, where they are most useful.

5. Open the door. After using the bathroom, keep the door open, odors and moisture more easily fade.