Ideas for the house in order

If there is a word that is synonymous with decorating is organization. There can be no enjoyment or comfort in a place where things are not in place, which does not deprive the organization. Here a series of simple ideas for your home all environments have everything in place, and that space is a matter of absolute reign of light and color. A small interior design course.

Shoemakers for small items

Something that comes in handy stop small rooms children cobbler bags are hung from doors or walls, but with a new use: a way of hanging drawers, designed to keep all those small items that swarm everywhere. If you are using a transparent bag, the color of objects collected all takes center stage.

Service tables recycled

Another alternative to storing and displaying small objects: take an old table service, and to use their corners to save dozens of pieces of stationery and archiving, thread and other sewing parts and practical … Whether archivists or sewing centers, the tables own light shine in your new life.

Stairs revitalized

Another idea full of attractive recycling: Do you have a ladder into disuse? You can give a new coat of paint, and use its wide steps to place objects you want to save and display. What works best for you: macerated with hanging plants or vines. A piece of garden in your classroom that will breathe life and light your environment ..