Kitchen Countertops – Value Over Cost

Tired of the jaded look of your worn-out, old kitchen? Ready to give it a face lift? That is not a bad idea actually, considering the fact that your kitchen is one of the most visited places in your house. You might as well know that there are two items that will take most of your kitchen face lift budget – and they are the cabinet set and the counter tops. So, if you have a tight budget, these are the two things you want to pay utmost attention to.

To me, it really does not matter what your budget is when it comes to quality. This is because over the long run, quality relates directly to budget. If you buy inexpensive stuff, chances are, the stuff need to be replaced fairly quickly, and that affects your budget. This is especially true if you use the stuff often enough.

So, in the case of your kitchen, I would recommend that you do not scrimp too much on the big items, namely the cabinet set, and, more importantly, the kitchen work surface. This is where you will be doing your cooking. So, there should be no compromise here. You need to factor in the high quality kitchen worktops in your budget considerations. There are many choices of good worktops that you can choose from. Metal worktops are durable but not very popular nowadays, except in restaurants, hospitals, and other public kitchens.

For the home, counter tops are likely made from laminates and stones. Some laminates are strong and of incredibly high quality, but stones seem to get much attention nowadays. Not only are they durable, they are also beautiful to look at. Unfortunately, they tend to be a bit to the expensive side, so those with budget concerns amongst you may think twice.

Still, it’s really a matter of value. Stones may cost more but they look great. Laminates are good too, but not as beautiful. You need to assign the value you put in these features before you make your final decision.