Light up your kitchen better

If lighting is very important throughout our home, takes a special dimension in the KitchenA place where we spent many hours and many times we come at any time of day or night.

The secret to having a perfect light in the Kitchen is well distributed, Leaving no dark zone. If we put several light bulbs throughout your stay, we will have a flexible general lightingWhich we can improve in a specific area due to additional light points in those work areas that are most used (sink vitro …).

When choosing to illuminate specific areas we should consider the use we make of each one of them, like eating breakfast or eating, preparing food … once we are clear about their use, we can put them light sources we are useful at the same time comfortable.

If you have an area Kitchen intended for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it is best to place upon it a point of direct light. A pendant lamp light bulbs or halogen is an excellent solution.

We can also put points of light in the the kitchen wall units to better illuminate the different work areas of the room. To them we must always choose certified tube lamps, ready to be installed in areas prone to moisture, as usual is to generate water vapor condensation and oil when cooking. We should pay special attention to the way they are arranged the furniture and electrical distribution network. Two of the key points that should be well lit inside our kitchen are the sink and vitro or gas fires.

You can install spotlights inside cabinets or shelves normally remain closed. They are light, not too much power, thanks to a mechanism, automatically turn on when you open the cabinet allowing us to easily see what’s inside and off the same way when we close.