Make Life A Lot Safer With Security Shutters

Security shutters are designed to add security, functionality as well as curb appeal to your home or business. A primary concern for businesses and home owners alike is the safety of their properties and those within. Installing security shutters over your windows allows you to provide another layer of protection for the people and property you are concerned about. Installing security shutters can also add value to your real estate, as those on the market for a new home or business property will also have security concerns to address.

The Design Features of Security Shutters

Esthetically speaking, security shutters can add to your property’s curb appeal. They come in a wide variety of colors, practically any color or hue you desire. You also have the option of purchasing perforated or punched shutters that allow daylight to enter, and provide a view from the inside out. This increases the practicality of the security shutters. Depending on how far you open the shutters, you can let in more or less light. Security shutters are usually made of lighter materials than shutter doors. Most are made of aluminum, with the highest quality ones being made of extruded aluminum lath. These security shutters still greatly enhance the security of a property, even though they are lighter than other shutter options.

Functionality Features

Depending on your budget, and any other personal preferences, you can choose either manual or electrical. In terms of the security they offer, both options perform well. Manual shutters require that you open and close them each day, whereas, with the electrical you can either flip a switch on the wall, press a button on a remote, or computerize them to open and close at a certain time each day.

Beyond security, these shutters also act as insulation for both weather and sound. For homes or businesses in particularly trafficked areas, installing the shutters can help to provide much sought after quiet and calm.
Most security shutters are designed to roll into a head box. This helps the shutters to roll up tightly and evenly, protecting them and extending their life. Of course, one of the beauties of security shutters is the fact that when they are not needed they can simply be retracted or rolled up, and you will have lost virtually none of your living space or view.