Nature inside Your Home with Wooden Windows

Windows are an essential part of a house and good windows add to the beauty of the house. Wooden windows are the oldest type of windows and have been around for a long time. Wood windows are elegant and have an unmatched timeless beauty. The common wood material choices for wood windows are pine, fir, maple, oak, mahogany, cherry and walnut.
Custom wood windows are the new rage in the interior decorating scene.

Wood windows can be customized to desired shapes, sizes and colors so as to enhance the beauty of the house. Moreover there are many window styles such as awning, casement, single or double hung, gliding and all have their own distinctive features. The help of a custom installer can be obtained to decide which window style will suit the house best. Each window can be hand crafted to bring the beauty of nature inside the house.

Shutters and blinds are also an important part of wooden windows. Both shutters and blinds serve the purpose of providing privacy, security, shade and ventilation. Shutters are usually made with wood, vinyl or faux wood. Commonly used wood for shutters are oak, cypress, redwood, mahogany, pine and cedar. Shutters for exterior windows are made with a durable wood which can withstand harsh environmental factors such as high temperature, humidity, frequent sun exposure and precipitation.

Exterior wooden shutters can be painted to match the outside color of the house. Although blinds are usually made from soft and flexible materials such as cloth, wooden blinds are also used. Wooden blinds are expensive but they add greatly to the beauty of the house. Mahogany and pine are commonly used for interior wooden shutters as they are not greatly exposed to external elements. Interior wood shutters are less expensive and have more variety to choose from. Hence they are more frequently used than exterior wood shutters.