How to Stop and Fix Noisy Garage Doors

Automated garage doors are a fantastic convenience for modern homes. But it is important that you have a garage door service at least once a year to ensure that all the parts and components are working correctly.

Sometimes you will need to have a garage door service or garage door repair near me outside of your scheduled appointment. If you notice any unusual symptoms like noisy garage doors, it is imperative that you do not ignore them. They can lead to complete failure which could leave you locked in your garage or create a potential intrusion point for criminals.

This article will outline some of the potential causes of noisy garage doors and what can be done to fix them. It is important to note, though that if your garage door is difficult to move, opens very quickly, or the rollers derail from their tracks, do not attempt to fix it yourself. The garage door should not be used if any of those conditions are present, to avoid the risk of serious injury or death.

Methods To Stop Noisy Or Squeaky Doors

Remember, you should only attempt these procedures if there is a slight noise or squeak to your roller door. Always get a professional garage door repair near me for serious issues. Some methods to give your garage door service yourself to get rid of annoying noise include:

Check for loose nuts and bolts: If any of these are loose or missing they can cause major problems. You can replace and tighten them yourself, but a garage door service is recommended.
Lubricate the rollers: This should be done as part of your annual garage door service, but regularly lubricating the rollers with petroleum but be careful not to use this on the nylon portion or any plastic parts of they can degrade. If this does not fix the issue call for a garage door repair near me.
Lubricate the springs: These are another common cause of noisy garage doors and should be lubricated regularly. It is essential that these springs are not moved or adjusted in any way, so it is better to get this lubrication work completed as part of your garage door service by a professional.
Check the hinges: If these are rusted or rigid, try to lubricate them with some WD40 and see if that helps. They may need to be replaced by a garage door repair near me service.

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