Pennisetum Purple Beach (Mayesty?)

Just discovered in the garden center: A Lamp Fountain Grass, with Pennisetum “Purple Beach” labeled, but it found nothing so far. What is closest ran pictures online is the variety Pennisetum ‘Purple Mayesty “. New varieties have been mislabeled or that is the question.

Striking appearance, this plant with dark purple leaves, which stem from the rough and the leaves of corn plants produced more than to “traditional” Lamp Fountain Grass Inflorescence from recalls and similar in dark as the seed heads of year Elephant grassBut much more vigorous in habit. I think this is a Pennisetum glaucum (pearl millet)And in which context it would be rather surprising if they were hardy, and would have to seed “hibernate” to sow them in spring again. Guess how Red Fountain Grass Lamp annuals.