Preparing your backyard for winter

It’s sad but true – winter is fast approaching; therefore you need to ensure you have taken care of all the bits and bobs knocking about in your garden.

Firstly, you’ll need to adequately cover your garden furniture. You can either store it in a garage or shed, or buy a plastic cover for it from your local garden centre/DIY store. Whichever you choose to do, with the downpours coming hard and fast, you’ll need to do it quickly.

Secondly, think about that poor lonely barbecue sitting at the back of the garden. It doesn’t want to get rained on every day; getting all rusted and unable to light come springtime. You’ll need to buy a cover for this too or find a place to store it. The latter is the preferred option, given that barbecues don’t take kindly to wet weather.

Next, you’ll need to gather up any toys or tools that are lying about. Tools will become rusted and dirty, making them difficult to use when you need to make the most of that winter sun. Any toys you’ve got could be ruined and this doesn’t just apply to children’s toys – adult toys (boules sets, tennis nets etc.) will suffer, too, so be sure to take action.

It’s worth checking your plants are ready to survive the winter as well. You may need to cover them, ensuring the roots are well insulated. Any dead roots or foliage should be removed, otherwise they can poison any existing plants and you should cover the remaining plants with thick mulch. This will protect them from the harsh winds and cold.

All in all, there’s probably more to be done than you originally thought, so by getting a move on now you can rest assured your little (or big) garden really will weather the storm.