Sizing And Placing A Ceiling Fan

The summer is here and with it comes the heat. Some of us stay in doors in order to avoid the sun’s harsh rays that makes us sweat the minute we step outside. Only the young – who are undaunted – are able to withstand the heat. Having decent air conditioning is imperative – but let’s admit it that many of us hate the price we have to pay during the summer to keep the air conditioning running all the time. That is when you need to bring the ceiling fans in.

Many houses already come with a few ceiling fans installed – but it would be more cost effective if they were installed in every room. We are going to help you learn how to know where your fan should go and how to purchase one that will be the right size for the room/rooms you want to place it in.

Sizes: 52” fan for a room that is 400-square-foot, a 44” fan for a 225-square-foot room, and a 42” fan for a 144 square-foot room. You should only use the medium sized fans for rooms that are more than 18 feet long.

To utilize it best and if it is at all possible you want to place the fan in the middle of the room. This is because it is closest to where people go. Make sure that the tips of the blades are 24” from the walls or any slopes in the ceilings. If a fan is mounted too close to the ceiling it will produce a “cavitational effect” – which in short means that it will move less air around the room.

If your ceiling is higher than 8 feet you can hang the fan from a drop rod. To determine how far it should hang down from the ceiling will be determined on how tall the ceiling is. Make sure though that it is never 7 feet from the floor.