Solar energy at home

The solar energy is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to run a home, because after an initial investment that can be recovered over a period of between 2 and 4, give autonomy to it, allowing longer depend on the electricity local network, which is generally based on oil produced. Then we will see the best ways to apply them in the home.

Production of electricity

This case, which is the simplest, is simply a panels taking solar energy and convert it to electrical energy which is stored and re distributed throughout the home. It can give low intensities at certain times of the year, times where you can compensate with the energy of the local network.


Heating is one particular model, where through special panels, heated outside air only to enter a private room at a given temperature.

Water heating

One of the models more recently applied the panels that heat water stored in a tank. This helps the isolated dwellings of the field or the beach, to have hot water for at least able to take a shower.

Of course, any of these purposes should be well studied, since the location of housing, hours of sunshine in this site, and annual mean climate are factors incidents, for a decision about whether solar energy is a profitable source, or if other methods, such as wind power can be more productive.

Note that can be combined both to others that the more panels or windmills are placed, the greater will be the production of energy home. The amount payable in the first place is expensive, but if one projects a future in the simple thought of being autonomous in terms of energy, it is an important advance.

In addition, if you have no roof or garden for your project, do not worry, because today there are companies that provide solutions for apartments and even are able to put photovoltaic panels on window sills.