Some tips for improving your garden for summer

With the summer just around the corner, there are a number of preparations we should all make to ensure we get the best use of our outdoor space. Making sure the garden is right, will be a priority task especially if you like spending time out in the sun shine or you want guests round for a BBQ!

For me the garden is a wonderful place where i spend my time, reading books, relaxing and enjoying the nature around me. For this reason i like to ensure my garden area is looking good, so i start with cleaning my garden furniture in preparation for a hot summers day. Simply get some warm soapy water and get to work scrubbing off all the built up moss and dust on your furniture.

This works especially well on plastic furniture, although wooden varieties may need a little extra elbow grease to remove stains. I actually picked my latest set of furniture for the garden from, so will be looking forward to getting the most out of it this summer! I ordered an 8 piece garden set, with tables and chairs – which is great for when we entertain outside.

You also will want to tidy up your garden (if you are lucky enough to have one!!) Make sure to brush up all the old leaves, moss and debris on your patio decking. If you have a grass lawn, rake up all of the dead leaves and give your lawn a good mow, to make things look alot smarter!

Also, it might be worth giving the outside of your home a fresh lick of paint to cover up the dirt and grime from last year.

By following a few of these simple steps, you can ensure your outdoor living space is looking good for months to come!