I want to talk in Espaciohogar now tablecloths and in terms of both the styles and types and what is its use depending on what we need.

The truth is that the market there are a wide variety of tablecloths and we can buy for a special celebration as a party or a more formal dinner.
Tablecloths Styles:

  • Children’s party tablecloths: They are often quite elaborate as far as detail is concerned and in patterns that are usually reasons such as cars, princesses, balloons, or some characters appearing on television and are very popular among children.
  • Tablecloths for dinner: If we have to celebrate a special dinner with friends, we can choose a tablecloth that is more formal. And within these are examples of tablecloths are colors like red, blue or white with details of any print that is elegant.
  • Tablecloths for everyday: These placemats will use at home for lunch, dinner, etc … are usually simple matter of taste, although one of those always in every house (and I do not know why) is your typical tablecloth.
  • Placemats: Tablecloths are used for a single person. We can even place them on the tablecloth fill the table.
  • Paper tablecloths: These are the most used tablecloths which refers to informal parties. They are disposable.
  • Plastic Tablecloths This type of cloth is often used to place it precisely on the tablecloth and cloth used to protect the table, if we put some hot food or if we want to be in excess stain Riester preventing them from falling, for example the beverages.

This “low-tablecloth” of plastic that serves us well I speak not to slip the cloth fabric that we place on it. They are in every home, but the truth is that they are also highly recommended and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

I must say that when choosing a tablecloth, we buy it with the rest of the elements that are part of what is known as linen, which also include napkins.

On the other hand, we should speak of placemats are chosen in a theme such as the Christmas which is certainly the conclusion between the celebrations.
How to choose a tablecloth for Christmas:

  • Before choosing the Christmas tablecloth we know what kind of decorations we put on the Christmas table we want to prepare the market because there are many types and many details. Whether Christmas decorations or a particular color such as red and green, colors tend to be very appropriate for this time.
  • The cloth, as I mentioned before, must go to match the napkins, so a good option is to buy a set of linens also can be used only for the holiday.
  • Having chosen a tablecloth and napkins is better to see if you have a print that is too flashy because if so you’d better opt for a table decoration that is simple and thus prevent it look overdone.