The Eight Simple to Follow Steps for a New Garden

Creating a garden at home is refreshing and made us feel relaxed and calm. To those who wanted to have their own nice garden at home, listed below are 8 of the simple to follow step for your new garden.
First Step – Putting a marker
In order for your garden to be at its best, put some fun shape on it with some entertaining curves or shapes that’s pleasing and attracting to our eyes. Get the right shapes laying your hose to create and outline. If you already have the outline of your liking, you can already mark the edges with sand or flour.
Second Step – Getting rid of the grass
Now it is time to get rid of those grasses that grow in your garden spot by digging it up with a shovel or grass cutter.
Third Step – Digging
After the grasses are off, it is now the time for digging, removing those rocks, roots, debris, and more. If you have poor soil, then you can also add up some organic matter into your garden.
Fourth Step – Edging the bed
Put an edge into your new garden bed to keep the lawn from crawling into your garden. You can put a trench of about 8 inches deep and a couple of inches wide to keep those invaders from crossing.
Fifth Step – Placing your plants
Placing your plants at the right place is the fifth and exciting step in creating a garden. Put a space just right for them to look good next to each other.
Sixth Step – Planting
After you have placed your plants at their right places and spaces, it is now the time for you to plant.
Seventh Step – Spreading mulch
Now that you have the plants, cover your garden with mulch to keep it healthy and low-maintenance. Mulch help keep moisture and lessen the growth of weeds.
Eighth Step – Watering
Now you have your plants planted and covered it with mulch, water your plants with enough water to have a good soaking.