The white protagonist

The decor based on white, well provide plenty of light to the roomsProvides elegance and sophistication to the rooms of our home. The white is considered a neutral color so it sends a message of peace and tranquility to our brain.

The white goes with everything and can serve as a bonding with other colors. To be considered a cool color, it is recommended that pure job cold spots. The most successful will accompany him with touches of color, For example, tones “land” darker or black. Cushions, carpets, curtains or other decorative elements in red or contrasting tone will be a combination of the most successful.

A good option is to use different textures of the pitch to take a bit of coldness. These can be linen, synthetic leather or felt. And these materials can be used in cushions, fabrics for the walls, curtains or upholstery of couches and chairs. The white is a color that gives a lot of formality to the environments. So if you prefer a somewhat more relaxed you can combine with a rustic style furniture or antique finish.

Is very common white bedroom decorating for that of the ease that this color, it is best to combine it with a piece of furniture a distinctive ring to break the monotony. Since, though it’s very quiet, too much coldness in this room type is not very suitable for relaxation. Yes you can stay dressed all in white is the bathroom. This color will help accentuate the feeling of cleaning a room brunt of home.

In closing, know that if you have small rooms this tone visually enlarge the space. Also, if your home has little natural light, the white will help compensate and become one of the most successful solutions, both on the walls and ceilings, as in the furniture and accessories.