Tips for Managing Warehouse Waste

Managing waste in large warehouses can be very challenging due to their high waste generation. Moreover, waste management mistakes are both environmentally and financially very costly. This is why skip bin hire in Rockingham is a great solution for your commercial waste management.

Because the waste management process for a warehouse must be designed with great care and attention to detail, skip bin hire in Rockingham allows you to have reliable waste collection and disposal.

Commercial bin hire is one of the best ways you can achieve efficient commercial waste management. On top of that, we have some simple tips that can help you effectively manage your warehouse waste.

What Are the Key Tips for Efficient Waste Management?

There are many small things that can make a big difference when it comes to warehouse waste management. Some of the ways you can streamline your waste operations include:

Install a lot of waste bins: In addition to taking up floor space, packaging waste such as label backings and papers pose a tripping hazard for staff. Therefore, make sure you provide plenty of rubbish bins to dispose of waste throughout the facility.

Choose the right packaging materials: Materials unfit for packaging contribute to a large portion of the warehouse garbage. In order to reduce waste in your warehouse, you should evaluate the packaging methods you are currently using and improve upon them.

Provide adequate cleaning equipment: You should have enough cleaning tools available when needed and make sure they are stored out of the way after use. 

Each employee should be assigned specific cleaning zones: If you want your employees to take responsibility for managing the warehouse rubbish, hold them accountable. Each employee should be assigned a specific zone and must comply with cleaning requirements during and at the end of their shifts. 

Clear machinery and vehicles of waste: If you use machinery or pallet jacks in your warehouse, these may often be filled with rubbish. Keeping pallet jacks clean can be done by assigning an employee to each one, and asking the shift supervisor to inspect and clean the machines before everyone leaves for the day.

Remove garbage before it overflows: Even though this seems simple enough, many companies ignore this, creating a mess on the ground as a result of overflowing waste bins. 

Provide employees with safety equipment: Make sure employees have safety equipment available when assigned to clean specific areas of the warehouse or machinery. You should hire an expert rubbish removal company that can safely handle hazardous materials if your warehouse specialises in toxic items.

Incentives should be given to waste-conscious employees: You may not give much thought to your company’s carbon footprint, but your customers do. Make sure you reward your employees for their eco-friendly practices in the warehouse so that they become waste-conscious.

Make Sure Your Warehouse Waste Is Disposed of Safely

Coastal Waste Management can help you safely dispose of all the waste in your warehouse if it accumulates too much rubbish. Leave it to our experts to dispose of toxic and hazardous materials safely. 

Coastal Waste Management offers skip bin hire in Rockingham at a price that won’t break the bank. You can choose from different skip bin sizes in Perth, depending on your commercial waste management needs. We offer skip bins from 2m3 to 10m3. Whatever your waste disposal needs are, we have skip bins that can meet them.

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