Treesse minimalist showers

It’s probably one of the designs of home utility items, which has more rage this season and it is well earned. Its features minimalist design give a broadly appealing, interesting and distinguished, and it offers an experience hard to match bathroom with a shower together. Consider these new showers Treesse minimalist.

Called Plie (French Plié which means folding), refers to a rectangle structure is attached to the wall, where the final segment of it may be bent at angles of 0 to 90 °, offering an experience of shower adapted to the needs of each one.

Besides the immense amount of water outlets with which account not only promotes a common shower, but the option of enjoying a water massage in the back, really relaxing. The screen Sale and also very fashionable these days, is only a glass wall on the opposite side to which the water comes out.

The interesting model is that when not in use, can be left completely straight, thanks to its wide variety of models, with incredible textures, becomes part of bathroom decor, offering a piece of design that adds value added to place. To find out more about this wonderful shower, visit Treesse.