Update your bathroom with little expense

We will not tire of suggesting ideas to renew and give new life to the bathroom. We think one of the spaces takes little house , and the truth is that there should be an environment that, regardless of size, should be a center of relaxation and comfort. Here are someideas to make life more attractive to your bathroom, and to live it fully.

Antique furniture. While decorating courses are clear about this, there is no need to limit the presence in the bathroom of exclusive furniture for washing. The inclusion of old wooden furniture, treated to withstand moisture, can be the center of the bath, and create a whole atmosphere of true distinction and elegance and to solve one-step problems of storage of towels and supplies.

Shelves with style. A well finished wooden shelves lacquered in black may be the solution for the bathroom it at the same time, practical and distinctive. The black shelves in short, enough for towels and personal hygiene products and makeup, make an attractive and modern contrast with the walls and white tiles.

Shaped vessel sinks. An implement that is proving both useful (it protects the bath splashing) and extreme elegance is the basin-shaped vessel, either ceramic or metal. Its design is enough to make any bathroom a bath of extreme elegance. Moreover, it is easy to install and prevents water wastage.