What Causes My Garage Door Remote to Stop Working?

You press your garage door remote after a long day at work or when you’re out running errands, only to discover that the door doesn’t respond. It can be a frustrating experience, but like any mechanical device, there are many garage door parts that can fail.

Considering your garage door is likely your most frequent entry point, it’s normal to experience problems with your garage door system.

It’s important for homeowners to be aware of the common reasons why their garage door won’t open with the remote control and how to fix the issue correctly, whether the garage door won’t open as prompted or struggles to open consistently.

What Causes A Garage Door Remote to Stop Working?

Problems with the garage door remote can sometimes be fixed quickly by adjusting the garage door or opener. But others need urgent repair. If your garage door won’t move with the remote, try troubleshooting these common problems to identify the issue and get your garage door working smoothly, reliably again.

Depleted remote batteries: How long has it been since you replaced the batteries in your garage door opener remote? Consider whether the batteries in your garage door opener have died before calling your local garage door repair professional.

The remote signal has been disrupted: If the door still doesn’t respond after replacing your remote’s batteries, then the signal between the remote and opener transmitter is likely to be disrupted. Signal interruptions can be caused by several garage door parts, including a malfunctioning remote or damaged receiver antennae.

Lock button pressed: Making sure the lock button on the wall-mounted control panel of your garage door has not been engaged is another simple fix. This button can be accidentally pressed during normal daily activities, and pressing the lock button disengages the door lock. Test the door by pressing the panel’s open button after unlocking it. 

The remote needs to be reprogrammed: You can also try reprogramming your garage door remote to your garage door opener machine before contacting garage door repair technicians. With regular use, your garage door opener and remote can be disrupted, and reassociation between the two may be necessary.

Wiring problems with the door control: You may have a problem with the garage door opener’s receiver board or your garage door system’s control wiring if the remote and wall-mounted panel methods do not raise or lower your door.

Blown ground fault circuit interrupter (GFI): When the GFI malfunctions, the door will generally not be able to operate at all or might start using the backup battery in some models. By resetting the wall outlet that corresponds with your garage door, you can easily fix a blown GFI – usually located in the garage, laundry room or main bathroom.

If you still find your garage door does not respond to commands after following the above steps, contact a professional garage door technician who will inspect your system and recommend repairs or hardware replacements.

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